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I perform a comedy magic show with lots of humour and audience participation. For one of my first tricks I ask the birthday child to wave a magic wand and make a dove appear. My act has lots of animals. As well as the doves I have guinea pig, a bunny rabbit for pulling out of my hat of course, and for the last trick I take one of the doves and get all the children to say some magic words and turn the dove into a fluffy white hen.

Cute magical animals that the children can meet and pat.

Meet The Cast of the Show

Jason Anderson CEO Portrait

Bernard the Bunny

Jason Anderson CEO Portrait

Manuel the Guinea Pig

Jason Anderson CEO Portrait

Snowflake the Dove

Jason Anderson CEO Portrait

Henrietta the Hen

Our Team at Work At Office

About Amazing Ashley, Magician

I’ve been doing magic shows since I was 9 years old when my mum gave me a magic book and cape for Christmas. I’ve stopped wearing capes now, but still love teaching kids some of the cool tricks I learnt from that book. For my first magic show at school I sawed my grade 5 teacher in half. I won the school captaincy the following year on a “saw-more-teachers-in-half” platform.

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My favourite place to perform magic is at backyard birthday parties, but I also spend a lot of time performing card tricks for the rich and famous at corporate functions and charity events.

Melbourne's most entertaining and best value children's magician

Recent Parties, Events & Client Testimonials

Father's Day at the NGV

Performing strolling magic at the National Gallery of Victoria for Father's Day. The children were amazed by the sleight-of-hand with the card and coin tricks. The strolling magic works well for festivals and fetes.

Finns 5th Birthday

The children couldn't stop laughing at the wibbly wand trick. All the animals enjoyed getting at pat at the end of the show and parents couldn't stop commenting on how Ashley turned a dove into a chicken.

Fun School Holiday Program

A Magical Children's entertainment extravaganza fun packed with giggles, lots of audience participation, amazing tricks and kids laughter right throughout the entire show.

Client Testimonials

  • «Thank you so very much for your wonderful show. Everyone enjoyed it- you and your assistant really brightened up David’s day. When he went to bed last night he said it was the best party ever! This truly made my day. You have great talent and you clearly love what you do.»

    - Kathryn

  • « Dear Ashley, Thank you for an excellent show !! The kids really enjoyed it. They were totally enthralled. Little Mark told me (with eyes wide open to emphasise the point) "I made a paper rabbit turn into a real RABBIT !!!". Thanks again and I will be recommending you to my friends. »


  • «Thank you for your performance at my daughter’s birthday. It was terrific and I have highly recommended you to my friends. Apparently I looked more shocked than the kids when the dove turned into a chicken! It was great. Thanks again for your punctuality and professionalism.»

    - Leah.

  • «I wanted to write to thank you for your magical performance at our daughter Evie's 5th birthday party. All the kids were well and truly spellbound, as were most of the onlooking parents!!! Evie was thrilled, and went to bed with a head full of dreams about disappearing fluffy chickens. You handled all the inquisitive kids superbly, and yet remained professional at all times. A class act that I'd recommend to anyone considering a magic party.»